Our History

The Hobart District Nursing Service is one of Hobart’s oldest and best-loved philanthropic organisations.

On 14th December 1896, the wife of the Governor of Tasmania convened a public meeting to consider the question of a district nurse for Hobart. The Hobart District Nurses Association was formed at this meeting. The Association grew out of the Amateur Nursing Band of the Young Women’s Association, formed in 1892 by the wife of the Governor. The Hobart District Nurses Association was founded at a time when there was increasing concern about the public health, when women were becoming more active publicly, and when nursing was beginning to be accepted as a profession.

The Tasmanian health system has undergone considerable change since that time, and this has had an impact on the structure and administration of the Hobart District Nursing Service. The concept of district nursing, too, has expanded and developed.

The Hobart District Nursing Service is Committed to Care. This is reflected in our values of, Commitment, Equity, Excellence, Trust, Versatility and Transparency. We endeavour to support and care for people of all ages in their own home. We provide support to assist clients manage those daily activities that may have become challenging due to illness, frailty or disability.

Our nursing staff work as professionals in collaboration with other health care workers. The District Nurses remain committed to care, committed to the principles of primary health care for all and committed to improvement of service through evidence-based best practice.