For a minor injury, illness or general health needs please visit The District Nurses Community Clinic.  Appointments are available to any member of the public aged 16 years and over.  For a clinic appointment please call (03) 6208 0551

The District Nurses Community Clinic has been established to support the commencement of a Nurse Practitioner Model of Care, ActiveNP.  We are immensely proud to be pioneering a Nurse Practitioner clinic that supports a modern day practice within the Primary Care setting. The District Nurses Community Clinic will provide clinic sessions for the Nurse Practitioner as well as providing the opportunity to develop further collaborative practices with other allied health professionals and medical specialists.  The concept is to be working together in the primary care setting to address common health gaps for the community within which we deliver care.

Our Team:

Tammy Harvey –  Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurses

Tammy Harvey Nurse Practitioner

Tammy is a Registered Nurse and an Endorsed Nurse Practitioner with a background in emergency.

She specialised in emergency with a Post Graduate Diploma, before completing a Masters Nurse Practitioner, and a clinical internship at The Alfred Emergency and Trauma Centre in Melbourne.

Tammy is currently completing a post Graduate Diploma in Gerontology.

She is committed to supporting community based health solutions in a collaborative, innovative approach. She brings to the team knowledge about acute and subacute management of minor injury and illness.


  • Operates Tuesday and Thursday. Fee for Service applies.
  • Staffed by qualified foot care Registered Nurses.
  • Clients receive basic foot care and where necessary can be referred on to a podiatrist or GP.
  • All categories of wounds attended by Registered Nurses.
  • Communication maintained with the GP regarding changing client needs.
  • Clients with complex wounds will be referred for Nurse Practitioner review and specialist wound review if needed.
  • Immunisations administered by qualified Nurse Immunisers.
  • Annual Influenza immunisation program.
  • Provision of all immunisations on the National Immunisation Register to children and adults.
  • This service provides clinical leadership from an advanced nursing perspective
  • It adds much value to existing community services and supports hospital avoidance initiatives.
  • It integrates health care provision across residential care, acute care, subacute care and the community
  • A Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurse are available 8am – 12.30pm Monday to Friday to provide comprehensive, client-centred care to people of all ages in the community at our clinic, and 1.00pm – 4.30pm home visits by appointment.
  • The clinic focuses on minor injury and illness as well as enhanced health promotion, disease prevention, chronic disease management and care coordination.
  • A Nurse Practitioner will work with a multidisciplinary team and collaborate with specialists and GPs to improve access to specialist care.
  • Access to the clinic is by GP referral, multidisciplinary service providers, hospitals, nurses, self or carer referrals.

Refererals can be made by:

  • Self-Referral
  • A family member
  • A friend
  • A Carer
  • Your GP
  • Hospitals
  • Other health and welfare services

If you are not currently receiving services from us and you wish to enquire about your eligibility to do so, please contact The District Nurses Community Clinic on Ph:(03) 6208 0551, Fax:(03) 6272 2629 or click here

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