Home Care Packages – The District Nurses

27 November, 2018

Kelly Frerk was Tasmania’s first Community Nurse Navigator and covers every corner of the island to help people access The District Nurses Home Care Package services.

Kelly’s interest in learning skills around caring for people especially end of life care became important when a close family member became terminally ill.

‘I wanted to know everything about their illness and how best to deal with it, not only to get rid of confusion but to empower me,’ she said.

Kelly started work with The District Nurses 14 years ago as a Community Support Worker before beginning formal training as an Enrolled Nurse and later as a Registered Nurse.

She became the first Community Nurse Navigator for The District Nurses Home Care Packages in 2017.

“I am passionate about Home Care Packages “said Kelly.

“Packages provide the care and support that the client wants. The funding enables people to make their own choices about what is going to assist them maintain independence in their own homes and communities “Kelly said.

‘Seeing people who need our help and the difference we can make to their health and well-being is what keeps me motivated.’

“We have supported clients to take up hobbies and interests that they had long ago given up and have seen them grow in confidence and enjoyment in life.”

Kelly said she and The District Nurses Packages Team learn a lot about a person by going into their own home and are able to give independent advice.

“It is meeting people and helping them get the services and supports that are important to them, that I love most about my job.”