Domestic Assistance / Home Help

Home Help is available to provide support to you with those household duties which through illness, surgery, frailty or disability you are unable to manage.
Upon receiving a referral, one of our staff will make a time to talk to you.

Home Help provides essential housework, which is negotiated with you by the Assessor.  An Agreement is signed by you and the assessor which outlines the allocated duties to be undertaken by the Community Support Worker; Changes to the allocated duties can occur between yourself and the carer as long as they are within the allowed list. Allocation of time is generally one hour per fortnight, but is based upon need.

There are some tasks however that our Community Support Workers are not able to assist you with:

  • Turning Mattresses;
  • Relating to Guests, Boarders or Non-Eligible Family Members;
  • Washing Walls;
  • Gardening;
  • Scrubbing or Polishing Floors on their Knees;
  • Washing of Outside Windows;
  • Any Tasks Involving the use of a Step Ladder, Stool or Moving Heavy Furniture;
  • Cleaning Silver and / or Brass;
  • Use of Chemicals (TDN Supply all Cleaning Products);
  • Cleaning the Lounge Suite;
  • Extra Bathrooms;
  • Children’s Rooms;
  • Unoccupied Rooms